segunda-feira, 22 de agosto de 2011

"The Devil Wears Zara"

August, 16. One night Don Amancio Ortega, owner of Zara, forget completely. The program "The League", TV Bandeirantes, was so attractive, a denunciation of slave labor in the production line and that reflects the brand on Twitter, taking seriously Topics Trend news for everyone. And it certainly will not leave anytime soon top the list this week.

However, companies like Nike, Marisa, and Collins Penambucanas, it's been what Zara is going through and know how the exploitation of slave labor can repercurtir negatively on their brands and strategies.

Moreover in this case, in which Brazilian authorities issued 52 notices against two sewing workshops subcontracted by Inditex (owner of the Zara brand in Brazil), after they see that their studios also served as housing for employees, their working hours were more than 12 hours and wages were at most $ 458. That is, living in subhuman conditions, without the right to leave the house in which they worked, except for health reasons.

The Inditex Group reported that it plans to review the system of production of its suppliers in Brazil, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and Employment, to ensure there is no exploitation of employees.

In addition, the Spanish company require suppliers responsible for subcontracting irregular reverse the situation immediately. The supplier, in turn, took over the economic compensation to workers and working conditions will resolve its outsourced.

The Spanish brand Zara is the segment of retail and fashion model who works in the so-called "fast fashion", or "fast fashion". That is, the Armani launches a new model this week in a suit on the catwalks of Milan, and Zara is able to follow this trend, "copy" that style and put in all their parrots in the four corners of the world in a few days. This is the benchmark of production process and logistics. Here in Brazil, some say that Riachuelo does something similar.